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Get Motivated with our

Effective Fitness Classes

Our fitness class programme has been designed to included the most effective fitness classes available.


Working out along side other members is a great way to get motivated and stay focused. Just turn up and our coaches will instruct you throughout every class. All classes can be adapted to suit all fitness levels, whether you are just starting out or you already have a high fitness level.


Be Inspired

Our class timetable is reviewed regularly and is adapted to create the ultimate fitness class schedule. All classes on this page are included in all Evofit membership packages.


All classes must be pre-booked using the member ‘Evofit Connect’ app.

FClass Timetable

Fitness Class Timetable

Evofit class timetable image.png

November 2022 - Download PDF Version

Fitness Class Descriptions

Coach by Colour Spin

Coach by colour is a simple to use colour system that controls everyone's intensity and effort throughout our cycling. Classes using 5 different console colour zones. It’s super easy and fun to do, just match your consoles colour to the coach and you’ll be in for a fulfilling ride. Make sure you attend an ftp spin intro first, to get your ftp score to use in
The spin classes, to ensure you are working at the right intensity in each colour zone.


Mss-fit is a ladies only class that is designed to improve muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness. A mix of body weight, functional and weighted exercises, along with conditioning sections make this a super fun workout in an all female environment.


Thermoburn is a high energy workout that involves alternating between functional exercise stations and a coach led body weight workout area. Long work periods and short rest periods make it the ultimate burn. Big tunes and an electric atmosphere make this a firm favourite with our members.


Pump-fit is a barbell based workout where you will perform lots of reps using light to moderate weight. Transform your body shape fast with this action packed muscle pump class. Our coaches will take you through the workout using scientifically backed barbell movements to work and tone all muscle groups.


Our hiit workouts are ideal for anyone who wants a quick effective workout. By using high intensity interval training you can get the job done in 45 minutes. Be prepared to use the most effective functional equipment to perform multi-muscle. Group exercises which are ideal for hiit conditioning. We run various hiit workouts during various times of the day
Where time can be limited & only a quick effective workout will do.

Awesome Abs

You don’t need awesome abs to take part in this workout but it will certainly help you get some. Peform plenty of core muscle exercises which will strengthen the area which supports the body during every movement. A strong core will also help prevent injuries and give you a good base to improve overall performance. This workout is ideal to combine with
some cardio work in the gym.


Yoga-fit is an awesome workout for improving flexibility, developing static strength & improving muscle tone. Yoga can also decrease the risk of everyday injury & reduce stress levels. This is a challenging workout that everyone can benefit from.

Learn to Lift

Learn how to perform the most effective weightlifting movements such as the Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press Plus additional accessory weightlifting exercises. Our coaches will teach you the correct technique which will give beginners the confidence and knowledge to enjoy weight training at the gym.

Assault Fitness

Assault-fit is a conditioning based workout purely using the most effective conditioning equipment on the fitness market. Your coach will motivate you through a structured session which will involve alternating between assault runners, assault bikes, concept 2 bike ergs, ski-ergs and rowers for the ultimate conditioning workout.

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