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Staying Safe at Evofit


The management and staff will always strive to keep our members as safe as possible while visiting the gym through our health and safety policies. It’s also the members responsibility to stay safe and not endanger themselves or other members. Please report any faulty equipment or anything you feel is causing a danger to staff straight away and we will act quickly and appropriately to eliminate any risk or danger.


We use the HCS as recommended by UK active for all new members. The HCS is the evolution of the PARQ, which has existed for the past 15 years. The HCS reflects Government policy and legal trends, which recognises that individuals are able when given the appropriate information about the risks inherent in getting active, to make informed decisions about their own health and wellbeing. Ultimately there are very few conditions which cannot be improved by taking regular exercise, and the HCS seeks to make it as easy as possible to get active.
To view the HCS CLICK HERE. Every new member will have to agree to it during the joining process.


We will always offer free intuitions for all new members who need one or want one. All new members who have never used a gym or have never used our type of equipment will need to book an induction. Experienced gym users can opt-out of taking our free induction if they feel they don’t need it. If an induction is not booked by the member or the member does not show up for the induction, Evofit will not take any responsibility for any injury or harm sustained by incorrect use of any equipment or exercise while at our facility.


We ask all members to replace any loose equipment they use back onto the storage racks provided. This provides a clean and safe gym for other members to use and reduces the risk of accidents and injury, making the gym a safer place to exercise. It is not the staff’s job to tidy weight discs and dumbbell off the floor after use. It is the member’s responsibility to use the storage racks available. Bag racks are also provided throughout all the gyms areas, so for the same reason please use the bag racks.


Our facility is always staffed. Our team are always on hand to support you and ensure you are safe at the gym. If you need any support while you are at the gym just speak with any of our staff and they will be happy to help. If you can’t see any staff, just come back to reception and press the assistance button and a member of staff will be alerted.

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