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The Evofit Team

Evofit member support

Our friendly Evofit team are on hand to support members every step of the way. The team deliver fitness classes and offer great value fitness plans and individual gym sessions support.

Here’s what the team are currently offering to all members:


Member Fitness Plan offer £30 - Includes:

  • Initial assessment 

  • Personalised fitness plan 

  • 3 x (1 to 1) gym sessions 

On-going support 

Coached Gym Session (1 hour) - £20

Evofit Personal Trainers

Dion PT image.jpeg
Dion James

More info coming soon

  • Instagram
Cleo Hardy

Tel: 07949 017944


Instagram: cleohardy_poweraesthetics

Cleo's incredible weight loss journey began in 2017, where she successfully shed over 35kg. Since then, she has managed to maintain her weight loss and has become a source of inspiration for other women looking to achieve their own goals.


Through her personal experiences, Cleo has developed a strong desire to help others on their fitness journeys. She has worked with over 200 women, providing online coaching and leading group sessions that have garnered participants from all corners of the globe.


Cleo's motivation and determination to assist others stems from her lifelong involvement in sports. From rugby and netball to CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting, she has always pursued physical challenges. However, her recent focus on bodybuilding has particularly captured her passion. Cleo has competed in numerous shows, often securing impressive rankings of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.


Her diverse training background and in-depth knowledge of nutrition make Cleo an invaluable resource for women seeking guidance. She is committed to tailoring training programs and offering personalised nutrition advice to suit each individual's unique needs. With Cleo's guidance, women are assured to receive the best possible support on their fitness journeys.



  • 1st Class Honours in Sports Science, Coaching and Performance

  • L2/L3 Personal Training

  • L3 Sports Therapy

  • BWL Level 1 Weightlifting

  • ICG L1/L2

  • DBS Certified



  • 121 Personal Training

  • Small Group Sessions

  • Weekly Check Ins (depending on package)

  • Diet Plan/Macros (depending on package)

Cleo Profile.jpg
Joshua Jones

Josh has over 7 years experience working in the fitness industry. As a part of the evolution health and fitness team he has a wealth of knowledge and experience delivering one to one sessions and a wide variety of classes.


He is dedicated to learning as much as he can about health and fitness and then applying his knowledge in his sessions.

Josh has worked with a wide variety of people ranging from experienced trainers to complete beginners and takes great pride in the fact that he can influence people to become healthier, fitter and stronger versions of themselves.


So don’t hesitate to get in contact through text, email, facebook or instagram.


  • Level 2 gym instructor

  • Level 3 personal training

  • BWL level 1 Weightlifting

  • BWL level 2 Weightlifting

  • Crossfit Level 1

  • ICG Spin Level 1 & 2

  • DBS certified

Services offered 

  • One to one personal training

  • Group training sessions

  • One to One or group Olympic weightlifting sessions

  • One to One or group skill sessions for Crossfit

  • Nutrition plans specific to your needs

Lewis Parry

Tel: 07822011241


Instagram: evincoperformance


Lewis decided to become a coach when he recalled what it felt like as a teenager to have a great deal of enthusiasm for training, but no clear plan in mind - so he wanted to afford others the support he found it difficult to find.


Having studied the science around training for a number of years and having worked within the professional sporting environment previously, Lewis follows an evidence-guided methodology around training.


While short term results are firmly on the cards, Lewis aims to create long term, sustainable results and habit changes with clients through promoting self-sufficiency within the gym environment - "I want you to WANT me there (to coach), not feel like you NEED me there during sessions".


If you're looking for a coach who can help you make changes to your lifestyle/training for the better, get in contact to see how I can help YOU, ASAP!



  • BSc Sports and Exercise Science

  • MSc Strength and Conditioning

  • BWL Level 1 Weightlifting

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor

  • Level 3 Personal Training

  • ICG Spin Level 1



  • 1-1 and Group Strength and Conditioning (both gym and field based)

  • Online Strength and Conditioning Hybrid Strength and Conditioning (both in-person and online)

  • Personalised Nutritional Support Physical preparation for sport

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